Swedish Massage – $50 (30 minutes), $70 (60 minutes), $105 (90 minutes)

For the person who does it all!  Full body, long fluid rhythmic strokes, relaxing, regenerating, detoxifying.

Scent-Sational Massage – $80 (60 minutes), $110 (90 minutes)

Because you deserve it!  Pick a blend of Essential oils to add to your massage.  Essential oils assist the opening of the fasciae and provide a profoundly relaxing session.

Deep Tissue Massage – $60 (30 minutes), $85 (60 minutes), $115 (90 minutes)

For the weekend warrior – get the kinks out! Address chronic soreness, tightness, posture issues, and recovery.  Attentive, slow, targeted strokes with adjusting pressure with specific goals.

Raindrop Aroma-therapeutic Massage – $90 (60 minutes), $120 (90 minutes)

For the health-minded – Need a boost?  This deeply healing and relaxing treatment incorporates massage, aromatherapy and heat. Using raindrop application of specific Essential oils designed to detoxify and support the immune system and soothe the nervous system.  Uses Essential oils, warm heat packs and massage.

Prenatal Massage – $80 (60 minutes)

For the Momma and her baby bump…Reduce stress and relieve many of the normal discomforts of pregnancy such as headaches, backaches, stiff joints and leg cramps.  Massage helps to relieve depression and anxiety caused by hormonal changes.

Hot Stone Massage – $95 (60 minutes), $125 (90 min)

Specialty massage using smooth, hot stones to create a deep warm, relaxing massage.